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Friday, October 10, 2014

Spring Training

The summit of Mission Peak on the Ohlone Wilderness Trail

In preparation for my bigger hikes this past spring, I decided to take on some big single day hikes with lots of elevation gain. The big day hike strategy also allowed me to balance my hiking a social life a little more. I've been really fortunate to have some amazing friends along for a lot of my hikes this year. These big elevation gain days set me up really well to be in shape for the Lowest to Highest Route and Rim to Rim to Rim of the Grand Canyon.

March 7th: Mt Diablo

At 28.23 miles and almost 8,000 ft of elevation gain, this was one of my favorite training days this spring. Incredible weather and beautiful sights, this mountain has become my favorite training ground. I just wish that it were a little closer to home.

Details and Map

March 9th: Loma Mar to the Sea

(27 miles and 6,291 ft of gain) One of my classic training hikes. A beautiful walk through the redwoods and along waterfalls; perfect weather and a delightful day with some great friends.

Details and Map

March 22nd: The Ohlone Wilderness Trail

(28.46 miles and 7,842 ft of gain) Christine "Zuzu" Byrne and I hiked this popular backpacking trail as a day hike. A lot of gain, great hill workout and we completed it in a good time. These hills are gorgeous and we had a ton of fun.

Details and Map

May 9-11: To SVOS and back

One of my goals for the spring was to organically incorporate my hiking into my social life. This weekend, I was able to hike approximately 20 miles to and from a really fun pool party at one of our outdoor school sites.

May 23-25: Castle Rock Loop

(Approximately 60 miles) Molly "Smiley" Sease and I hiked this classic training loop from our home in the Santa Cruz Mountains. This loop which includes Castle Rock, Big Basin and Chalks is diverse and challenging. Beautiful trail and lots of options for side trips.

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